Welcome to Neighborhood Development,


Neighborhood Development is cultivating cities and governments that constantly create a better experience of satisfaction and well-being for all members of the community.

Neighborhood Development is helped by:

  • Community Engagement 

  • Collaboration

  • Leveraging “Smart Cities”

  • Balance

  • Educating Community Members

The constituent elements of Neighborhood Development include:

  • Governance

  • Political - Social - Economic domains

  • Smart Cities”:   A Smart City is an urban area that uses different types of electronic Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect data and then use these data to manage assets and resources more efficiently.  Smart City approaches enable cities to create a better way of life for all people.

Dr. William Kao, Dr. James Caldwell, and Mr. Richard Wong are a coalition of partners and pioneers working on developing cties in San Francisco / Bay Area.


Our Mission

Neighborhood Development - Smart Cities (D3ND) MISSION STATEMENT

The mission of the non-profit organization Neighborhood Development is to harness the vast amount of untapped resources in our neighborhoods in order to more efficiently develop programs for the betterment of those communities and their citizens.

1) To promote the trend of "Smart Cities” continual development.

2) To apply and to understand what "Smart Cities" are all about - as they develop.

3) For the continual betterment of communities and neighborhoods.

4) To expedite and encourage Google/Diridon Station development in D3 - San Jose.

One of D3ND.’s primary agendas is to develop an emergency / disaster preparedness program, starting at the neighborhood level, throughout the 10 districts in San José.  

Partnering with local business entities in order to secure corporate funding will be a core component in D3ND’s strategy to achieve it’s short term goals and long term purpose of energizing and efficiently developing our neighborhoods and communities with the welfare of all citizens in mind.


About Richard Wong

I am a husband, father, proud Delmas Park resident and a local business owner with a multi-cultural worldview and multi-lingual skills – I have lived and worked all around the globe and speak English, Chinese and Spanish. Over the years I’ve had the honor and good pleasure to do volunteer work for a number of different neighborhood organizations including San José’s District 3 Community Council and the Delmas Park Neighborhood Association. I’ve also worked directly with Division Managers from Mayor Sam Liccardo‘s office and, more recently, I am proud to have taken a seat on the board of ACT for Mental Health.


I feel very strongly all of these endeavors are key components in building on our collective / shared vision for better communities, keeping our streets and children safe, and helping San José maintain the title of being one of the “safest big cities in America”.  Many of my neighbors and friends have come to know me as an ambassador / liaison with a drive, passion and goal to unite our communities. I am happy to share Mayor Liccardo’s vision and backing of the initiative for San José to be a “Smart City'” run by a “Smart Government” and I feel revitalized and vigorus Earthquake and Community Emergency Preparedness Programs are another important part of realizing that goal.






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